Are You a Tradesman in Oklahoma City Looking for New Business?

We want to help!  At Converge Inspections we partner with licensed tradesmen in the fields of electric, plumbing, HVAC & roofing.  Every single home inspection we perform is reviewed by a specialist just like you.  So how do you win more business by reviewing our inspections?  Here’s how it works:

  1. Homebuyer hires Converge Inspections to perform a home inspection.
  2. The Home Inspector performs the inspection and records it on video.
  3. The tradesmen log into their account when there is a new inspection video to review.  Each portion is about 5-10 minutes since we only include the main items and any issues that arise.
  4. The tradesmen record a video response of their portion of the inspection giving the homebuyer any advice or suggestions based on what the inspection video reveals.
  5. If there are items on the inspection that need to be completed by a licensed professional, who do you think they’ll reach out to?  YOU!
  6. Converge Inspections also offers a Lifetime Support Program for every client.  This means that anytime a homeowner who used us for an inspection has an issue with their house down the road, we’ll help them diagnose the issue.  If a licensed professional needs to come take a look and give a quote who do you think will get the call?  YOU!

It’s our goal at Converge Inspections to grow your business!  We know if we can grow your business then you’ll help us grow ours.