Water Heater Inspection Review by Licensed Plumber

Our team based property inspections are designed for accountability as they are reviewed by multiple sets of eyes before reaching the hands of the client. Each home inspection is reviewed by a licensed electrician, plumber and HVAC pro to ensure the highest quality. Here is an example review of our plumber finding an error in the water heater closet that …

Mold in Attic Inspection Oklahoma City

Potential Mold and Roof Leak

Does this look familiar in your attic?  You may have a roof leak that is causing damage to the structural integrity of your home.  This pic was taken during a mold job today.  The lab has the sample now and we’ll find out if this is mold, what type and if it is effecting the indoor air quality of the …

mold in new home edmond ok

Mold in New Home: Edmond OK

This was a newer home in Edmond, OK. It shows you that it doesn’t have to be an old home with a problem that has been going on for years and years. Mold can develop quickly if it has moisture to feed it.


Aspergillus Mold on Kitchen Cabinets Bethany OK

This home had a common mold named aspergillus. It had a moisture problem while it was vacant for nearly a year. The mold had time to grow throughout the entire kitchen and into the sub flooring which ended up being replaced. Paul Davis of Norman did a great job remediating the area to pass the mold clearance test.

black mold bethany ok

Black Mold from Kitchen Sink Leak in Bethany, OK

Today we visit a home that had a pipe leak in the wall behind the kitchen sink. The leak had traveled through the walls in the kitchen, down the hall and into the bedroom. The air in the bedroom had more mold spores present than the kitchen where the problem originated. This shows you that small local problems can become …