The only place in Oklahoma that has licensed electricians, plumbers and HVAC specialists available to provide feedback on every home inspection performed.

“You wouldn’t ask electrical advice from your plumber, would you? Of course not!
So why would you do that with your home inspection!”

Licensed Electrician

With 10 years of specialized experienced, our licensed electrician will know exactly what to look for to keep your family safe from electrical hazards that could produce dangerous or even fatal fires.

Licensed Plumber

Plumbing problems can be extremely costly to repair or replace hidden pipes or buried main lines that can cost you a fortune. We work with honest, reputable and experienced plumbers to minimize your risk.

Licensed HVAC Pro

Your heating and air system has the shortest life of any of the major systems which means that the need for replacing or repairing your system is simply a matter of time. Don’t be caught off guard.

Lifetime Support Program

Get FREE support for the life of your home. If we do the inspection on your home, you have full access to us for as long as you own that home. Even if it’s 50 years down the road and you see a potential issue with your house or have a problem that needs to be addressed then call us and we’ll try to diagnose it and provide you with potential solutions and we will even dispatch one of our licensed specialists to come take a look and give you a quote on any work that may need to be done. When you hire Converge Inspections to do a property inspection, you are automatically enrolled in our Lifetime Customer Program.

Why Hire Us for Your Inspection?


  • Highest Quality: A Team of Licensed Specialists Reviewing Your Inspection

    Your home inspection will be reviewed by specialists in their field including: Licensed Electricians, Licensed Plumbers and Licensed HVAC professionals. Where else can you find this type of experience? No where. Even if an inspector has 30 years of construction experience, it’s no match for a team of licensed tradesmen who work in their specific field day in and day out, year in and year out. And now you get to tap into this knowledge with no extra fees. It’s included in all standard inspections.

  • Easy to Understand: Simple yet Thorough Reports Clearly Show Potential Problems

    Our reports are easy to understand and interpret. We rate each item mentioned depending on their urgency or danger potential so you know which items are minor inefficiencies and which items are crucial to correct for the safety and/or protection of your home and family.

  • Your Own Inspection Video: Watch Your Inspection Through the Eyes of the Inspector

    Wish you could look over the shoulder of the inspector to see exactly what he sees and have him explain everything as he inspects it? Well now you can! We record key portions of the inspection so you will be able to watch it through the eyes of the inspector.

  • Fast Onsite Inspections: Leveraging Technology to Increase Efficiency without Compromising Quality

    We never compromise on providing a quality and thorough inspection. What we do is leverage technology that is available to us today to streamline the inspection process. We use the inspection video, photos and good notes to inspect the property thoroughly. We then take all of that information and go back to the office to compile your report and recommendations.

  • Office Hours: An Open Door Policy to Answer Any Questions You Have

    You, the homebuyer, are our top priority. We want you to be confident when you go into your closing knowing that your home is safe and you have done everything you can to minimize any surprises after you move into the home. Our onsite inspections are focused, but we are serious about scheduling a time when you can ask all the questions you want about the inspection or general home maintenance. We work for you and are available to you any time.

Don’t Take OUR word for it…
Max Bevan
Max Bevan
15:04 30 Nov 16
Roderick did a great job on the Home Inspection and even did an air quality test. He is a very personable guy and I was impressed with his GoPro capture of the entire inspection. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs either of those two things. Made us feel safe to move into our future home.
Jordan Demeter
Jordan Demeter
14:36 19 Jan 17
What a different way of inspecting property! The inspector wears a go pro during the inspection so you can see everything he sees. Then a licensed electrician, plumber and hvac pro look over the inspection too. Very comforting! Thanks.
Renee Riley
Renee Riley
18:44 10 Oct 16
Very happy with our experience using Converge Inspections! Roderick was super kind and knowledgeable and we loved his business model. Made us feel very confident about purchasing the house.
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